Our service is tailored to you and your pets, so please use these prices as a guide only.
If we are providing care in your home, mileage is charged at 45p per mile.
Dogs will happily adapt to new surroundings so will be happy coming to with stay with us.
Care in my home (per 24 hours):
£35 for-
A single dog. 
£40 for-
2 dogs 
or A puppy (dependent on need)
or Dogs that cannot be mixed with other dogs. 
If you need a shorter stay:
£1.75 per hour -
For a single dog
£2.00 per hour -
2 dogs
or A puppy (dependent on need)
or Dogs that cannot be mixed with other dogs.

I recommend that we visit your cat in your home, as most cats

prefer and will be much happier, staying in familiar territory. 


Per Visit: 

(up to 15 minutes)

£4 plus mileage

If you would like us to spend more time with your

cat(s) my time is charged at £16 per hour.

so 30 minutes = £8 plus mileage 

45 minutes = £12 plus mileage 

1 hour = £16 plus mileage 


Other Pets:
Pets that are easily transported are welcome to stay in our home, but in some cases it may be better for them to stay in their own home.
Care in my home:
I have a number of different hutch/ cage options-

Hutches in the garden-

For Guinea pigs:

4ft x 14" = £8.00

5ft x 20" = £9.00

6ft x 20" = £10.00

For Rabbits:

5ft x 20" + attached run = £11.00

6ft x 20" + attached run = £12.00

Cages inside- 


For Mice/Gerbils/Hamsters:

H15.5" x W27" x D17" = £5

For Rats/Degus/Chinchillas/Ferrets

H50" x W31.5" x D20.5" = £10.00


Care in your home:

Per visit:

(up to 15 minutes)

From £4 plus mileage

If we would be required to spend more than 20 minutes providing the necessary care for your pet this will be charged accordingly.

House Sitting:


You may prefer to have someone stay in your home to look after your pets while you are away: 


Overnight stay: £20 plus mileage

(we will commit to a minimum of 11 hours)

Full day and night: £45

(we will commit to a minimum of 20 hours)



You know your pet best, so we'll follow your lead.