My name is Jackie, my husband is Nick, and we both love animals!


I grew up having dogs, cats, rodents, different types of caged birds and fish in the family home. As an adult I always seemed to be looking after friend’s and family’s pets while they were away on their holidays, and thoroughly enjoyed it, so decided to start pet sitting professionally in 2012.


I have first hand experience with dogs, cats, caged birds, rabbits, other rodents, fish, reptiles, chickens and pigs. I am well read on the care of other pets.


We do not have any dogs or cats of our own so you do not need to worry if your pet is nervous or grumpy about sharing the space with other animals. We do have degus (6 rodents in a purpose built cage) but they can be blocked off from any visiting pets.   


Any dogs that stay with us will be part of the family home and will not be confined. I will do my best to keep them in their normal routine.

Rodents, birds and reptiles will be given supervised time out of the cage (if that is what they are used to) and cages cleaned whenever necessary.


If you would prefer your pet to stay in your home, this can be arranged, cost depending on the distance we’ll need to travel and how many visits you would like us to make.


I am insured, DBS checked and can supply references.


I am flexible, and will work with you to ensure the best care for your pet, as your animal's welfare is what is most important.